this is a photo of a cherry blossom at japanese gardens, by the history museum
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 I am offering a half priced portrait packaghe for the class of 2020, who missed out on their class pictures & so much more.

Telling the stories...

Telling the stories...

My days are now filled with  capturing images that tell a story. A child, a friend, a loved one. A vacation spot, a parade,  a favorite tree. What some folks view as just a photo, others see the same photo as a cherished story from their life. Now we can relive those stories whenever we want by viewing those moments, captured by the eye of the photographer and memorialized within a photo. We grew up with looking at photos as just pictures. Now we view them as precious stories of our lives. Stories we share with those we love. Through my camera lens and my experienced eye, let me help you tell your story and move forward through your life with delight, grace and dignity.

Moments in time...

As life is a natural continuum, we often strive to remember and relive precious moments from our past. We often find ourselves surrounded with the natural beauty of people and places. I use my camera to capture and document those scenes,  creating moments in time as memories. Then, using some of the sophisticated software effects now available for camera artists, those captured moments are brought back to life as statements full of beauty and emotion. These images capture the stories of our lives. Imagine, being able to go back and relive some of those moments whenever you wish. Moments that bring joy as memories and stories from our past.

My Background...

 Photography has been my passion for as long as I can remember.  Early in my career I provided entertainment photography in the Washington D.C. area. Later, while hiking through the beautiful mountains of northern California, I was able to capture some amazing photos of nature, later purchased and displayed by an interior design company. I took a sabbatical to raise my 2 sons with my wonderful husband, fueling my burning passion with thousands of family photos. I now capture the broader world through my camera lens. As a visitor to my website you will see just a sampling of my art. Many of my photos are found on various art sites, in art shows and galleries.


8 x 10 Print in an 11 x 14 Matte. Of any of my images.


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A beautiful custom printed photo.

An 8 x 10 Photo in an 11 x 14 Matte